Friday, April 9, 2010

Ed and Joyce,


I wanted to let you know how nice it was to see you both again.  You both brought a lot to the table at the licensee meeting and in talking to you both, I know you walked away with a lot too.


Thank you for your help at the Rally in the Valley 2010 event.  It was greatly appreciated.  I look forward to working with you at Nationals 2010.


Those of us who have been around can tell when people are going to be successful, and I truly feel you both will be.


Our customers are our players, and we all work very hard to best serve them.  I know at times it is difficult to accept, when you work very hard and a player or two are not happy.  Just remember to keep your head up, continue to do the best for your league/your business, provide them with the best TAP has to offer, get feedback, but once a decision needs made continue to make it and consistently enforce it for all.  We are not going to make everyone happy as much as we all are the type of people that try to.  Should you need my assistance or support, I am only an email away.


I have been on your website and reviewed all that is going on and some of the things you are trying to accomplish and I am quite impressed.  I wanted to post this via your blogger, but as you know I couldn't figure it out.  So, I emailed you.


Good luck to you and all of your players/teams.  See you all very soon.


P.S. Ed, thanks for being a good sport about becoming Mr. Jones.  I never did correct that for you.  I promise to get it right for Nationals.



Thank you and Have a Great Day !


Kelly A. Senior

League Owner and Operator

Keystone TAP, LLC LIC # 90, #187, and #221



"Serving the Players in the Heart of PA & Soul of MD"

Northumberland, Lycoming, Union, Snyder, Perry, Schuylkill, Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Adams, Lancaster, Lebanon and Franklin Counties.

Now in MD too!  Washington and Frederick Counties.


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